Jupiter, Neptune, Minerva, and Momus

Jupiter, Neptune, and Minerva, as the story goes, once contended which of them should make the most perfect thing. Jupiter made a man, Pallas made a house, and Neptune made a bull. Momus, who had not yet been turned out of Olympus, was chosen judge to decide which production had the greatest merit.

Momus began by finding fault with the bull because his horns were not below his eyes, so that he might see when he butted with them. Next he found fault with the man because there was no window in his breast that all might see his inward thoughts and feelings. Lastly he found fault with the house because it had no wheels to enable its inhabitants to leave bad neighbors behind.

Jupiter forthwith drove the critic out of heaven, telling him that a faultfinder could never be pleased, and that it was time to criticize the works of others when he had done some good thing himself.