The Fox and the Woodsman

A fox, hard pressed by the hounds after a long run, came up to a man who was cutting wood, and begged him to afford him some place where he might hide himself. The man showed him his own hut and the fox, creeping in, hid himself in a corner.

The hunters presently came up, and asking the man whether he had seen the fox, "No," said he, but pointed with his finger to the corner. They, however, not understanding the hint, were off again immediately.

When the fox perceived that they were out of sight, he was stealing off without saying a word. But the man upbraided him, saying, "Is this the way you take leave of your host, without a word of thanks for your safety?"

"A pretty host!" said the fox, turning round upon him. "If you had been as honest with your fingers as you were with your tongue, I should not have left your roof without bidding you farewell."