The Fox and the Stork

A fox one day invited a stork to dinner, and being disposed to divert himself at the expense of his guest, provided nothing for the entertainment but some thin soup in a shallow dish. This the fox lapped up very readily, while the stork, unable to gain a mouthful with her long narrow bill, was as hungry at the end of dinner as when she began. The fox meanwhile professed his regret at seeing her eat so sparingly and feared that the dish was not seasoned to her mind.

The stork said little, but begged that the fox would do her the honor of returning her visit. Accordingly he agreed to dine with her on the following day. He arrived true to his appointment and the dinner was ordered forthwith.

When the meal was served up, the fox found to his dismay that it was contained in a narrow-necked vessel, down which the stork readily thrust her long neck and bill, while he was obliged to content himself with licking the neck of the jar. Unable to satisfy his hunger, he retired with as good a grace as he could, observing that he could hardly find fault with his entertainer, who had only paid him back in his own coin.