The Mice and the Weasels

The mice and the weasels had long been at war with each other, and the mice were constantly being defeated. At length at a meeting, solemnly called, they agreed that their defeat was attributable to nothing but their want of discipline, and they determined accordingly to elect regular commanders for the time to come. So they chose those whose valor and gallantry most recommended them to the important post.

The new commanders were proud of their position and desirous of being as conspicuous as possible, so they bound horns upon their foreheads as a sort of crest and mark of distinction. Not long after a battle ensued. The mice, as before, were soon put to flight; the common herd escaped into their holes; but the commanders, not being able to get in from the length of their horns, were every one caught and devoured.

There is no distinction without its accompanying danger.